Mini cordless drill">Mini cordless drill

| August 18, 2013

Mini cordless drill – Milwaukee 2410-22 M12

I’m a cable installer and use the tool all around the jobsite – I’ve had the tool for over a year now. It’s not heavy duty but very versatile and great for during various tasks.

Things that I like about the tool:

The feel and handling of this light weight tool is great – very solid, no flex in the handle (other than the comfortable, soft rubber coating).

The battery works longer than expected and charges quickly.

Although the small dimensions it has good torque and power.

The trigger action is smooth and consistent and makes controlling the speed of the drill easy and precise.

Things that Milwaukee need to fix in this tool:

The chuck loosens by itself while drilling and after a short while you need to tighten the chuck again. This I think is happening when the drill stops spinning at high speeds and the chuck keeps spinning from the inertia and self loosens itself…

There is no place to store extra bits and I switch back and forth between a few bit types on the jobsite.

The positioning of the direction control switch is not ideally located and I find it hard to switch between FWD and REV without changing my grip position with one hand.

I did read other peoples reviews and how they have problems with the chuck but although this small problem – I find the tool a great buy and recommend this tool to anyone.

I give the tool the score of 4star – 4.0

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