2602 Milwaukee Cordless Drill

| August 18, 2013

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2602 Milwaukee Cordless Drill

Reviewed By: Sandy. K.
 4.5star 4.2

Light weight , comfortable handling, powerful with good battery endurance bring the 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill to the head of the pack.


  • Power
  • Durability
  • Waranty
  • Great Battery


  • No Side Handle
  • Consumer Ratings

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At length of 8.5″ and weight of 4.35 LBS (with batter) we categorize the Milwaukee 2602 cordless hammer drill in mid range between compact and full size. The tool feels comfortable to hold and handle. It has a handle covered with rubber at places where they help improve the grip. The handle is not as ergonomically shaped like the Makita LXFD01 we’ve just tested – but it feels nice and comfortable to hold and handle as we’ve seen later on during our tests.

The 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill is mostly made of a hard plastic/polymer with a few areas of metal in areas that improve the overall durability of the tool. A plastic ring 24 position clutch selector moves easily at the front of the drill and the 3 mode selector behind it moves smoothly too – selecting between Drill/ Screw driver/ hammer drill ( @ hammer drill mode the drill delivers 29000 Blows / Minutes). Further back the 2 speed selector can be found enabling selection of 2 speeds: 0-550 RPM and 0-1700 RPM.

All the selectors and controls are positioned comfortably and operate nicely except for the direction selector that is positioned too far back (in our opinion) which forces you to change your grip when trying to push the button with your pointer finger. On the other hand one can argue and claim that this is good because it prevents any accidental selection

The 1/2 inch all metal keyless chuck operates a ratchet to lock the bits in place. The chuck claws hold the bits tight in place and do not let them slip – however during our 15 hole power test the chuck got loose once and the bit fell off! This is the second tool that did that to us and we are starting to wonder whether the tests we are doing are a bit too aggressive on the tools.

The trigger felt good with nice resistance enabling us to select variable speeds with no problem. The slightest pull on the trigger ignited the LED that shined in a bright and very wide angle – it stayed on for about 10 seconds after releasing the trigger. This tool has an option for a belt hook but it does not come with it installed. The 2602 hammer drill has a hammer mode but surprisingly does not have a side handle and no option to install one. A side handle helps in stabilizing the drill while drilling and helps pressing down when drilling into hard materials such as metal and concrete.

Like the rest of the M18 tools loading and unloading the battery is easy by pressing the two side buttons on the battery and sliding it on or off.

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Good Good Very Good Very Good Responsive & Accurate


Power And Torque


The torque that Milwaukee specify is a high 525 INCH x LBS and 1700 RPM while drilling but we (as always) put those numbers to the test. Our power test included timing how long it would take to drill 15 holes into a plank of pinewood 2×8 using a new 1.5″ spade drill. During the test we also check to see the noise levels by monitoring them with a noise level meter ( readhere how we conduct the same test to all of our tools to eliminate any variables and come up with accurate and objective results).

The 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill started hard and fast but after the 3rd hole the chuck loosened somehow and the bit fell off. After reconnecting the bit we had another surprise were at the 5th hole the tool simply stopped working! We checked it out and finally found were the problem was: due to the extensive use of the tool at full power the battery heated up to the point where the built in feature kicked in and stopped the battery from working and by doing that protects the battery from over heating. This feature we later on found out was made to maintain a longer life for the battery. We were able to figure out the battery overheated by pressing the gauge and saw the battery led blinking in such a way that meant (according to the operators manual) battery overheat.


The battery kept over heating every 4 holes and it took us a while until we finished drilling the 15 holes. We find this protective feature as an advantage for protecting the long life of the battery and believe that in every day use the tool does not heat up like we caused it to ( after all – our tests take the tool to its max limit). So after ignoring the waiting time and the drill bit reconnecting time we came to the figure of – 03:01 minutes to drill 15 holes. That is an average of 12.06 seconds per hole. During our test we monitored the noise levels at 100.9 Decibel – which is the quietest levels we’ve experienced in a 18V drill!

For the hammer mode we used a new battery and tested how long it takes to drill 6 holes in a Holland paver using a new masonry bit. We timed 1:06 minutes for 6 holes which are 11 seconds for each hole – with noise levels of 99.9 Decibel. During this test we noticed that the drill bit and chuck were wobbling and made it hard to stabilize the tool (we think a side handle would have helped) – check out the video to see the wobble.

Power Consumption And Battery Life


Once the tool cooled down we continued to drill with the same battery until the battery dried up completely. We were able to get 2 more holes and set the total amount at 17 holes on 1 battery charge. For a battery this size it is a very nice score.

Once again we let the battery cool down and set it in the 18v charger – 34 minutes later the battery was full! A relatively short time for a battery this size. An interesting feature we noticed is that you can see the charging progress by seeing the red LED lights on the battery that fill out as the battery fill up.

Power test Charge time Holes Test Energy Conversion
Very Good – 12.06 Seconds/Hole. Fast – 34 min. 17 Holes 11.3 Holes/Ah*



Milwaukee built the 2602 drill with power and durability in mind – The tool is mostly built of a hardened polymer and a few metal parts like the chuck, gear and the mid tool area . The tool appears to be built tough for hard use covered with large areas of black rubber to absorb impacts in accidental fall. The Battery heat protection feature is another example of the durability that Milwaukee was seeking after and in this case giving the battery a longer life by preventing it to over heat.

Warranty and customer care

Milwaukee feels so confident with their tools that they give them a 5 year warranty and 2 years on the battery. This is the longest warranty we have seen yet and serves as evidence of how highly Milwaukee thinks of their tools in terms of durability and long lasting.

We were surprised to read many negative readers reviews putting the tool in “below average” score for consumer ratings. Complaints about the chuck wobbling, no handle, tool breaking down early and battery loosing power after a few months of use. Most of the consumers were disappointed because of their past excellent experience with Milwaukee tools.



Cool feature is the battery power gauge that will tell you how much “juice” is left in your battery. This is more important for occasional home users that can see before they start the project if thy need to charge the battery or not.

The 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill is part of the M18 18v family and both the charger and battery can be used with other bare tools from the 18v volt family.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Very Good Excellent Below Average


Value For Money

The 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill is more expensive than its competitors and its performance is a bit better. If you don’t mind paying a bit more for a drill, you will definitely enjoy a better drill than most the competitors. We got our drill as part of the combo kit that included the 2650 impact driver that is a superb tool – so both tools together with the kit are a great value even though the price is higher than other sets.


Final Verdict – “The 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill / hammer drill is best for…”

Milwaukee had 2 things in mind when they built the 2602 Milwaukee cordless drill – Power and durability and they succeeded in both of them. Durability is great on this tool and power is very good. Although we met a stronger 18v drill ( Dewalt DC970KL ) the 2602 was lighter. We do feel that a side handle would improve this tools performance especially in hard materials like metal and concrete. This tool was built for the professional craftsmen and contractors but the hard core DIY guy can enjoy this tool too.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
4.5star4.5 4.5star4.5 4star4.0 4star4.0

Final Score

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