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| August 17, 2013

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Hitachi Impact Driver – WH10DFL

Reviewed By: Sandy Kissil
 4.5star 4.4

The main strengths of this tool are its compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty. All of these make the WH10DFL Hitachi impact driver the perfect choice for every homeowner man or woman. The tool can deal with any project around the house with ease and comfort.


  • Life Time Warranty
  • Compact, Light weight
  • Good for small hands


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The Hitachi impact driver – WH10DFL 12V peak like all other Hitachi 12v peak tools, is a light weight (2.2 Lbs)and compact tool (5.9 inch). Thanks to its slim battery design (mostly on the bottom and not inside the handle) the drill handle is very slim and ergonomically designed enabling comfortable handling even for the smallest hand. It is so slim and comfortable that it is a perfect fit for women or people with smaller hands.

The controls, trigger and direction control button work easily and are positioned where they can be operated without changing the grip on the handle. The trigger is soft, long and accurate allowing the selection of different speeds easily between 0-2500 RPM.

The green rubber is placed generously around the tool protecting from everyday damage and abuse and serving as a shock absorber from the impacts delivered during use . The black plastic bare parts that are not covered by the rubber feel good too thanks to the textured plastic surface.

The LED turns on at the first squeeze of the trigger even before the hex bit starts spinning , enabling the use of the light to locate the work area the light is nice and bright with a slight dark shadow caused by the front part of the chuck. The 1/4″ quick release hex chuck is easily operated and loading or unloading bits are smooth and effortless. Battery loading and unloading is very easy by pressing 2 buttons on the sides of the battery.

The Hitachi impact driver is the most comfortable and light weight impactor we have ever tested to date!

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent



Power And Torque


Hitachi declares the WH10DFL impact driver delivers 840 INCHxLBS at speeds of 0-2500 RPM and with 0-3000 impacts /minute. As always, we like to check exactly what that means so we performed the 30 hex bolt test ( read here how we conduct the same test to all of our tools to eliminate any variables and come up with accurate and objective results). In our hex bolt test we timed how long it takes to drive 30 1/4 inch x 1.5 inch long hex bolts into a pine plank size 2×8 . The Hitachi impact driver performed nicely and finished the job after 3:42 minutes – that is an average of 7.4 seconds for each bolt!

During the test we’ve noticed that the tool absorbs the impacts very nicely and there is very little “kickback” felt in the wrist – this is very important when using the tool for a long period of time.

During our test we monitored noise levels of 107.9 Decibels – this is the average of all of the 12volt impact drivers.

When testing the Hitachi impact driver with small Phillips screws we found this light and compact tool to be very comfortable for use on small everyday jobs at home.

Power Consumption And Battery Life

Our test checks how many bolts the impact driver can screw-in on 1 battery charge. After we complete our power test we keep driving more bolts into the wood until the battery dies completely – In this test we got 47.5 hex bolts using 1 fully charged battery(1.5 Ah battery) and after dividing the results with the battery size we get the score of 31.66 bolts for every 1 Ah of battery.


In general we feel that Hitachi tried to appear as the smallest/most compact 12v drill, but when comparing performance to other 12volt tools – it falls behind. The charger is very simple in design with 1 red light Using the quick charger set the charging time at 44 minutes – this is the average time for the 12v family.

Power test Charge time Hex Bolt Test Energy Conversion
Good – 7.4 Seconds/Bolt Avg – 44 min. 47.5 Bolts 31.66 Bolts/Ah*




The green and black colored Hitachi WH10DFL is made of a strong plastic polymer material. The tool is covered with rubber in many places that provide better grip and protection against every day use. From its general appearance and build quality, the tool looks like it can take some abuse – other reviews and websites confirm this too.

We give the tool a good rank in durability!

Warranty and customer care

Hitachi is so confident with this tool that they back it up with the best warranty you could ask for – a life time warranty! The batteries get an amazing 2 year warranty and charger 1 year! This is the best warranty we’ve ever seen.



The LED light starts working very early on the slightest trigger pull, it is very bright but has a slight shadow from the chuck.

We liked this tool very much thanks to its great handling, compact size, weight and amazing warranty !

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Very Good Excellent Above Average


Value For Money

We liked the Hitachi WH10DFL very much thanks to its great handling, compact size, feather weight and great warranty. Its small dimensions make it a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman. We bought our drill as part of the combo set (KC10DFL ) that set the tools price to be very cheap and great buy.

Buying the tool alone would cost you the average price as other 12 volt drills (around $100 with 2 batteries + charger + case ). The wh10DFL gets the average score of 4.0 and we think it is a good choice however, we suggest paying the extra $$$ and buying it as part of the set and making it an excellent value for money purchase.


Final Verdict – “The Hitachi WH10DFL 12v peak cordless impact driver is best for…”

The main strengths of this tool are its compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty. All of these make the Hitachi WH10DFL the perfect choice for every homeowner man or woman. The tool can deal with any project around the house with ease and comfort.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
5star5.0 4star4.0 4.5star4.5 4star4.0

Final Score

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