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Hitachi Cordless Drill – DS10DFL

Reviewed By: Sam. Kiss.
4.5star 4.2
The DS10DFL Hitachi drill is not a tool for a construction site but 100% for home use.
The compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty make this drill a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman.


  • Life Time Warranty
  • Small And Light
  • Good For Small Hands


  • Power

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The Hitachi DS 10DFL 12V peak is an incredibly light weight (2.4 Lbs)and compact tool (7.25 inch). Thanks to its battery design (mostly on the bottom and not inside the handle) the drill handle is very slim and ergonomically designed enabling comfortable handling even for the smallest hand. It is so slim and comfortable that I let my 13 year old daughter hold it and she had no problem gripping and handling it (see the picture on the right).

The green shock absorbing rubber is placed generously around the tool protecting from everyday damage and abuse. The bare parts that are not covered by the rubber feel good too thanks to the textured plastic surface. All controls, trigger, direction control button and torque ring selector work with ease and are positioned where they can be operated easily without changing the grip on the handle. The trigger is soft, long and accurate allowing the selection of different speeds easily. The 2 speed selector on the top slides into place easily and enables selection between 0-300 RPM for slow accurate jobs and 0- 1300 RPM for fast drilling.

The LED turns on at the first squeeze of the trigger even before the chuck starts spinning, enabling the use of the light to locate the drill/driving area. The 3/8″ plastic keyless chuck tightens in a linear non-ratchet action but the use of 2 hands is needed to get a tight grip(the drill does not lock the chuck in neutral position). Battery loading and unloading is very easy by pressing 2 buttons on the sides of the battery.

This drill is the most comfortable and light weight drill we have tested to date

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent


Power And Torque


Hitachi markets the DS10DFL as a 12Volt peak – and that means is that at full charge the battery holds 12Volts but after the initial use it drops to 10.8 Volts. Our test proved that it realy does work like a 10.8v drill and not a 12v one. Very early in our power test the drill loses its power and performs below average of a a 12v drill. When we analyzed our video of the 12 hole power test we noticed that the 2 first holes were drilled in a speed of 5 seconds per hole and the rest of the holes took longer a time to drill per hole. The total time was 1:23 – an average of 6.9 seconds per hole. Although its declared torque of 195 InchxLbs the drill performed the same as a smaller declared torque tool ( Black and Decker LDX-112 – 100 Inch/Lbs).

The drill performed slightly below the 12v average but as a 10.8 volt tool – it did exceptionally well! During our drilling we monitored noise levels of 84.3 Decibels – this is very quiet compared to other bigger drills but the average to the 12volt group.

As a driver the Hitachi cordless drill DS10DFL performed nicely – handling small and large screws with good control of the driving speed. The torque control worked well and was sensitive enough to stop driving small screws on the smallest torque setting.

If we take into account its small dimensions, light weight and 10.8 volt performance – we can easily say it is a very strong tool for its size – great power/size ratio !

( read here how we conduct the same test to all of our tools to eliminate any variables and come up with accurate and objective results).

Power Consumption And Battery Life

Our power endurance test check how many holes the Hitachi DS10DFl drill can make on 1 battery charge. The test proved again that this is 10.8v tool and not a 12volt: Only 46 holes from a 1.5 Ah battery. That is 30.66 holes for every 1 Ah – that is not impressive for a 12v tool but as we said – “this is not a 12volt tool but rather a 10.8 volt one”.

In general we feel that Hitachi tried to appear as the smallest/most compact 12v drill, but when comparing performance to other 12volt tools – it falls behind. We’re not sure it was a smart marketing strategy! It should have been – the strongest 10.8volt drill!

Using the quick charger set the charging time at 44 minutes – this is the average time for the 12v family.

Power test Charge time Holes Test Energy Conversion
Good – 6.9 Seconds/Hole Fast – 44 min. 46 Holes 30.66 Holes/Ah*



The Black and green colored Hitachi DS10DFL is made of a strong plastic material. The tool is covered with rubber in many places that provide better grip and protection against every day wear and tear from use. From our observation it looks like the tool is built very durable yet very light. Consumer reviews we’ve read around the web claim that similar Hitachi tools were very durable on a long term base use.

Warranty and customer care

Hitachi offers the best warranty on the tool – life time! The batteries get an amazing 2 year warranty and charger 1 year! Best warranty we’ve ever seen.


LED starts working very soon on trigger pull, it is very bright but has a slight shadow from the chuck.


Although the drill performed a bit below average of a 12volt drill , we liked this tool very much thanks to its great handling, size, weight and warranty ! We think Hitachi is doing wrong by marketing it as a 12v – they should have gone with 10.8volts and it would probably be one of the better tools in that category.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Very Good Excellent Above Average


Value For Money

We liked the Hitachi DS10DFL very much thanks to its great handling, size, weight and warranty. Its small dimensions make it a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman. We bought our drill as part of the combo set that set the tools price to be very cheap and great buy. Buying the tool alone would cost you the average price as other 12 volt drills. The DS10DFL gets the average score of 4.0 and we think it is a good choice however, we suggest paying a bit more and buying it as part of a set KC10DFL and making it an excellent value for money purchase.


Final Verdict – “The Hitachi DS10DFL 12v peak cordless drill is best for…”

This compact tool is not a tool for a construction site but 100% for home use.
The compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty make the Hitachi DS10DFL it a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman. The tool can deal with any project around the house with ease and comfort.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
5star5.0 3.5star3.5 4.5star4.5 4star4.0

Final Score

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