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| August 18, 2013

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Dewalt Impact Driver DC827KL

Reviewed By: Sandy K.
 4.5star 4.5

The DC827KL Dewalt impact driver is a compact powerful tool weighting 3.7lbs, with an ergonomically shaped grip and comfortably positioned rubber grip cushions, making this a very easy and comfortable tool to hold and handle.


  • Light weight
  • Power/weight Ratio
  • High durability
  • Great ergonomics


  • Charge time
  • Warms up
  • 1 Speed Setting – Only

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The Dewalt 18v impact driver felt nicely balanced in our hands – when holding the drill horizontally in our hand and releasing, our hold on the grip the tool just rested steady in our hands – not nose or battery heavy ! The trigger feeling was good and responsive and variable speeds were easy to adjust. The positioning of the reverse/forward selector is good, enabling you to switch between them in a breeze without needing two hands (for an average sized hand).

The size of the DC827KL Dewalt impact driver is nice and compact at 5-3/4″” from the top front to top back. The size of the battery base with the battery connected give the tool a slick fit, enabling reaching the tightest spots we tried. This is a great improvement compared to the older NiCad and NiCad XRP model that felt bigger and bulkier.

Loading and unloading drill bits to the hex shank weren’t as easy as the manufacturer declares. We found it quite hard and tricky to load or unload with 1 hand and wound up using both hands to get the bits on and off the shank.

The DC827KL Dewalt impact driver is equipped with 1 Led light. We found it strong and bright and activated by the slightest pull on the trigger. It is a great addition and adds great light to help in darker areas.

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Very Good Excellent Good Very Good Responsive & Accurate



Power And Torque

To check the power and torque we used our own test called the “30 hex bolt” test (read more about how we test our tools) in which we screwed 30 hex bolts into a plank of pine wood and tested how long it took us to finish the job.

The DC827 dewalt 18v impact driver finished the 30 hex bolt test in only 2:40 minutes (that’s 5.3 seconds per bolt) placing it as one of the faster/stronger performer we’ve tested. The drill did heat up slightly during the extensive test making it a bit uncomfortable to hold on the top for support.

Dewalt declares that the torque power is 1330 Inch/Lbs while spinning at 2400 RPM and delivering 2700 IPM – impacts per minute! The DC827 delivers those “shots of energy” flawlessly with very minimal kick back to your hand and wrist – and is easy and comfortable to handle and control. The DC827 has only 1 speed setting (not like some competitors) and if you are not careful enough – you can easily snap the heads off torque screws due to its amazing power. While running our power tests we monitored 104.9 decibels of noise! The impact action was very loud and we suggest using headphones or earplugs – if your hearing is important to you!

Power Consumption And Battery Life


The KL letters on the DC827KL model name, imply the model uses the XRP lithium-ion(LiOn) batteries with Nano technology. The XRP LiOn battery give it extra power, working time and claim to have a longer life time by enabling more charge cycles (2000 as declared by Dewalt)

During our battery life test we checked how many hex bolts the drill can place in a plank of wood on a single charge. The results were – 86 hex bolts placed in 1 charge! That was very impressive.

After the battery cooled down we slid the battery into the charger and timed 40 minutes from a drained out battery to a fully charged one. Compared to competitors that is slower but still sufficient for all users – provided you always have a second battery fully charged ready to go!

Power test Charge time Bolt Test Energy Conversion
Very Good – 5.3 Seconds/Bolt Slow – 40 min. 86 Hex bolts 39.1 Bolts/Ah*





The DC827KL is made of a strong polymer giving it a feeling of a well built tool suited to long term use. The rubberized areas were well thought out, giving the machine full protection when on the job site in everyday use and also protection from breakage if the tool falls.

The tool houses a frameless motor with replaceable brushes for easy serviceability and replacement, a magnesium gear case, an all-metal transmission. The DC827 had that feeling of a well built tool that would last you – forever!

Warranty and customer care


Dewalt provides a 3 year warranty on all of their tools including this one! Our customer service test showed fast responsiveness and friendly and helpful agents. When we called for an inquiry regarding part replacements for the motor – we got a fast and helpful reply.


This Dewalt impact driver is part of the 18v Dewalt family that enables using a large array of cordless tools with the same powerful 18v battery. Consumer reviews praise and love this driver, giving it high scores across the board on most websites.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Excellent Very Good Excellent



Value For Money

Although this tool is on the higher end of the price range, the value for money is very good! Great ergonomics, high durability, flexibility to work with more tools from the same 18v family give this tool a high score in value for money!


“Final Verdict – This Dewalt impact driver Is Best For…”

The DC827KL Dewalt impact driver is a light weight, compact, ergonomicaly designed impact driver with a high power/weight ratio. Although this is an 18v tool, it still handles nice and easy like the smaller tools. The DC827KL was designed for high durability and would best suit the more “professional” tool guy , DIY homeowner or the contractor type. One of our readers declared he has been using this tool for 3 years now on a daily basis – and has had minimal problems that had to be fixed. This is one of our favorites…

Handling power Durability Value/Money
4.5star4.5 4star4.0 5.0 4.5star4.5

Final Score

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