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| August 17, 2013

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Cordless Drills Set – Hitachi CK10DFL

Reviewed By: Sam. Kissil.
 4.5star 4.3
The KC10DFL is Hitachis’ 12v peak cordless combo set includes the DS10DFL cordless drill/driver, the WH10DFL Impact driver, the UB10DL flash light, 2 HXP 12volt lithium ion batteries, a quick charger, section divided carrying bag, Phillips driver bit, manuals, and warranty cards. The tools are part of the 12V peak HXP lithium ion battery family and were designed to be lightweight and compact.


  • Compact Size
  • Good For Small Hands
  • Life Time Warranty


The DS10DFL cordless drill


The DS10DFL cordless drill is a feather weight, compact size cordless drill that can be used for all jobs around the house. The compact size, extreme light weight, great handling, and excellent warranty make this drill a perfect tool for every homeowner man or woman. To read more about this click Here (a new window will open and you will not loose this page) – or to watch the video check the bottom of the page. The DS10DFL Got an overall score of –

Overall Score

The WH10DFL Hitachi Impact Driver


The WH10DFL is a feather weight, compact, ergonomically designed impact driver, with great handling, and excellent warranty. Weighing only 2.2 pounds it delivers 840 InchxLbs – enough to deal with any project around the house with ease and comfort. To Read more about it click Here ( a new window will open and you will not loose this page). You can also watch the video at the bottom of this page.

In our tests the WH10DFL Got an overall score of –

Overall Score

The Set


Both tools come with the super compact 1.5 Ah batteries which are very light and produce enough work time for any average home use. The batteries are mounted on the bottom of the handle and enable the handle to be designed slim and comfortable even for the smallest hand (we highly recommended these tools for women).

For around $140 you get this amazing set which later can be expanded with any other Hitachi 12V family tool.

This set suits best the home owner for all jobs and projects around the house with occasional medium-duty projects. The strongest feature in this set is the compact size and light weight of the tools.

After taking into account the following factors: 

  • The tools reviews
  • Price of set.
  • Durability.
  • Versatility of the tool set.
  • Who the tool set suits most.
  • Other consumer reviews.

We gave the Hitachi cordless drills set – CK10DFL the score :

Overall Score


Hitachi CK10DFL cordless drills set un-boxing Video

HItachi DS10DFL cordless drill

Hitachi WH10DFL impact driver

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