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Electric Impact Driver – Milwaukee 2650-20

Reviewed By: Sam. Kissil.
4.5star 4.7
Milwaukee’s 2650-20 18v red lithium impact driver is all about performance. It is a compact looking tool with
a mid-range weight, comfortable handle design and exceptional performance both in power and endurance
for a relatively small battery.


  • Great Power
  • Great Battery
  • Light Weight
  • Durability


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When we took the Milwaukee 2650 electric impact driver out of the box we found a rounded nose, red and black cordless impact driver with a belt hook connected to it. The 0.9 Lbs red lithium battery slid on easily and we immediately noticed the power gauge that by a press of the button shows you how full the battery is with a series of 5
red lights – cool feature!

Holding the driver feels good – not great (like the recent Makita BTD142 we tested) – just good , the handle is
at mid tool position and padded with black rubber giving a feeling of a tight and firm grip. The handle
however feels as if it was shaped in straight lines with-out curves and the feeling is not as comfortable
as the Makita BTD142 we just tested were the handle is shaped like a pistols handle. Although all of this
being said – the handle does feel good and comfortable to hold and work with. The trigger felt good with a
nice resistance to it and later on in our tests we found it to be accurate and easy to set different speeds
with. The direction control is set a bit high and back so accidental pushing is not a problem but selecting
the right button with your pointer finger is possible only with changing the grip position
( thumb was not a problem).

The front 1/4 inch hex shank operates smoothly and loading bits require 2 hands like any other tool.
A bright Led light gives a wide angle and thanks to the shorter front metal mask the light also covers a
higher angle – so you can see the screw while driving! At only 3.45 Lbs, the tool feels light and easy to
handle. Milwaukee found the right balance between weight and power/endurance and designed this tool
with a medium – light weight battery. This combination delivers a relatively light weight tool with great
power and relatively long endurance from the battery.

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Good Good Very Good Excellent Responsive & Accurate


Power And Torque


Milwaukee sais the 2650-20 electric impact driver will deliver 1400 INCH/LBS at speeds of 0-2200 RPM and with
3200 impacts /minute – but we always like to check exactly what that boils down to and
as expected we performed the 30 hex bolt test ( read
how we conduct the same test to all of our tools to eliminate any variables and
come up with accurate and objective results). In this test we timed how long it takes to drive
30 1/4 inch x 2.5 inch long hex bolts into 2 planks of 2×8 one on top of the other.
The 2650-20 did exceptionally well! 30 bolts in 2:05 that is an average of 4.16 seconds for each bolt –
the strongest 18v impact we’ve tested so far!

The tool delivered raw power, infact it is so powerful that if not careful enough with the trigger you
might strip screw heads when driving Philips screws – so the tool needs some time getting used to.

Power Consumption And Battery Life


After we finished this power test we kept driving more bolts into the wood until the battery died completely.
In this endurance test the 2650 got 71 bolts using 1 fully charged battery (Maximum noise level monitored
was 105.3 decibels). The endurance results are exceptional too when taking into account the battery is only 0.9 LBS – 1.5 Ah. This tool is amazing in it’s power and battery
life! During the test we did notice that when putting the tool under prolonged use –
the front metal mask that houses the gearbox heated up to an unbearable temp level that could
not be touched! So if you needed to remove the bit at this point – you’d have to wait for it to cool down.

Once the battery cooled down, we put the battery to charge in the charger and were amused to see how
the charging was progressing on the red LED’s that were located on the battery. The battery came to a
full charge in 34 minutes. That is longer than the 24 minutes of Makita BTd142 but faster than the bigger
heavier Dewalt Dc827 Nano tech battery.

Power test Charge time Bolt Test Energy Conversion
Excellent – 4.16 Seconds/Bolt Fast – 34 min. 71 bolts 47.33 Bolts/Ah*




The 2650 is a well built tool made of a hardened polymer and metal parts in many places.
The tool has a durable metal mask on the front and is covered with protective rubber on areas that
are likely to get banged and scratched. The tool looks like it can take lots of abuse. We give the
tool a high rank in durability!

Warranty and customer care

Milaukee provides a 5 year warranty on the tool and a 2 year warranty on batteries!
This is the longest in the industry and shows how Milwaukee has confidence in their tools.
Customer care were very helpful over the phone.


We found the battery power gauge to be help full to tell how much juice there is in the battery.
This feature is good for the home owner occasionally using his tool and being able to know in advance
whether he needs to charge the tool before the job.

The tool is part of the M18 18v family and both the charger and battery can be used with other bare tools from the 18v volt family.


Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Very Good Excellent Very Good


Value For Money

The Milwaukee 2650 electric impact driver is one of the
more expensive

tools we tested but it proved to be exceptionally
good. This tool is all about performance – power and endurance are the tools big strengths! So although the
price is a bit more expensive than competitors – it is well worth it!


Final Verdict – “The Milwaukee 2650-20 Electric impact driver is best for…”

The main strengths of this tool is its performance (power &amp endurance) , durability and warranty.
These would be most important to the every day users, craftsmen, contractors and serious DIY homeowners.
Of course anyone who needs a strong reliable tool will benefit from the Milwaukee 2650-20 impact driver.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
4.5star4.5 5star5.0 5star5.0 4.5star4.5

Final Score

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