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Cordless Drill Driver Review – Milwaukee 2697 – 22CT

Reviewed By: Sam. Kissil.

4.5star 4.5

The Milwaukee 2697 – 22CT combo drill set includes M18 red lithium 2602-20 18V hammer drill/ drill/driver and
the M18 red lithium 2650-20 impact driver. Both use the new red lithium batteries which provide more
power with less weight and an electronic controlled battery management system that protects the battery
from mis-use and protecting it for a longer life. Both tools were designed to be a balance between compact
size, light weight and power. The set includes the drill, impact driver,2 M18 Compact RED LITHIUM Batteries
(18 volts, 1.5 Ah), 1 quick Charger and a contractor Bag.


  • Power
  • Battery
  • Light Weight


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The Milwaukee 2650 impact driver

The 2650 is a light weight, compact, durable impact driver weighing only 3.45 pounds
delivering incredible power – as we’ve found out on our power tests. To Read more about the tool click – Here
(a new window will open and you will not loose this page). You can also watch the video at the bottom of
this page. In our tests we found the tool to be very good value for money even though its price is more
expensive than most impact drivers in the 18v category. We gave the 2650 a total score of

Overall Score

The Milwaukee 2602 cordless drill driver review


Light weight, comfortable handling, powerful with good battery endurance bring the 2602 Milwaukee cordless
drill to the head of the pack. At length of 8.5″ and weight of 4.35 LBS (with battery) we categorize the
Milwaukee 2602 cordless hammer drill in mid range between a compact and full size drill. The tool feels
comfortable to hold and handle. To read more about this tool click Here
( a new window will open and you will not loose this page) – or to watch the video check the bottom of the page.

In our tests the 2602 Got an overall score of –

Overall Score

The Set


Both tools come with the M18 Red lithium compact 1.5 Ah batteries which are very light and produce enough work time for any average home use. The batteries also charge very fast using the supplied smart charger – The batteries came
to a full charge in 34 minutes.

The Milwaukee 2697 – 22CT drill set includes the impact driver, hammer drill, two batteries, quick charger and a contractor bag.
For $259 you get this set which can be expanded with any other 18 Volt family tool.

This set suits best the professional tradesman that needs the extra power and lighter weight of the tools. If extra work
time is needed you can always use the bigger M18 red lithium batteries.
The strongest feature in this set is the compact size, light weight, power and waranty of the tools.

After taking into account the following factors:

  • The tools reviews
  • Price of set.
  • Durability.
  • Versatility of the tool set.
  • Who the tool set suits most.

We gave the Milwaukee 2697 – 22CT drill set the score :

Overall Score


Milwaukee 2697 – 22CT drill set Video

Milwaukee 2650 electric impact driver

Milwaukee cordless drill 2602

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