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Makita Cordless Impact Driver BTD142HW

Reviewed By: S. Kissil.

The Makita cordless 4.5starimpact driver BTD142HW is a feather weight electric impact driver weighting 2.9 lbs , with an ergonomically designed mid-tool handle placement . It is very compact, and comfortable to work with. Incredibly short charge time and lots of power to get the job done.


  • Charge time
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Very Light Weight
  • Good LED


  • Work time
  • Power

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When we first took this impact driver out of it’s fabric case (we got this one with the LCT200w) we where a bit reluctant to believe that this will perform as good as other top performers! – “Boy where we wrong”.

The black and white colors are part of Makita’s compact tool theme colors and the overall look and feel of the tool does come together with Makita’s. The BTD142 looks and feels rather small and when held in our hands we were wondering if this tool can deliver what Makita has promised.

The comfortably shaped handle is slimmer than other tools and covered completely with non slip rubber. Although the smaller dimensions of the handle and tool, it felt very good and amazingly comfortable to hold, handle and work with. The BTD142 weight is one of the lightest we’ve ever tested (18v series) @ only 2.9 LBS.

Makita truly succeeded in creating a light weight and comfortable impact driver for prolonged use and handling. The compact dimensions are similar to a driver we recently reviewed( Dewalt DC827KL) but Makita chose to use more plastic materials which brought the weight down to only 2.9LBS where as the DC827KL weighs almost 1 LBS heavier!

The trigger felt tight, accurate and responsive and the direction selector is positioned nicely and moves easily yet the button feels a bit loose once it’s in the selected position – not a problem just how it felt. Loading and releasing the battery pack is easy and it sits tight and firm once inside.

The LED light starts illuminating with the slightest pull of the trigger and delivers a very wide and strong light thanks to 2 side translucent plastic lens that direct the LED’s beam to the sides as well. The useful afterglow feature keeps the LED glowing for about 10 seconds after the trigger is released. Loading and unloading drill bits were easy.


Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Responsive & Accurate


Power And Torque

To check the power of our Makita impact drivers we use our standard “30 hex bolt” test (read more abouthow we test our tools) in which we screw 30 bolts into a 2 planks of pine wood and test how long it takes us to finish the job.

The Makita BTD142 electric impact driver power specifications are – torque power of1280 INCH/LBS Inch/Lbs while spinning at 0-2800 RPM and delivering 3200 impacts per minute! With these specs the Makita finished the job in 3:02 minutes (that’s 6.13 seconds per bolt) – it is not the fastest we’ve seen but it’s what we expected given the lower declared torque of 1280 INCHxLBS. This drill too (as many others) did heat up slightly during the extensive test making it a bit uncomfortable to hold on the top for support (at this stage we think that the extensive test is a bit more than what you would use the tool in every day use and the warming up of the tool is not a significant issue).

The compact Makita BTd142 felt very good in our hands while driving the bolts into the wood. The 3 minutes it took us were easy and comfortable to hold and handle the tool. The counter torque (kickback) was hardly felt thanks to the great cushioning on the handle. While running our power tests we monitored 102.6 decibels of noise!

Although the BTD142 has only 1 speed setting we were able to use the driver to drive small screws with great control of the speed and depth of the screw.

Power Consumption And Battery Life


The black and white colors of the BTD142, identify it as part of the compact Makita impact drivers family that uses the smaller lithium-ion (LiOn) in order to gain lighter weight. The compact LiOn battery make the tool lighter but by doing that they sacrifice the working time. During our battery life test we checked how many hex bolts the impact driver can place in a plank of wood on a single charge. The results were – 54 hex bolts placed in 1 charge! That is less than the competitor but it is what you would expect from a battery that is half the size of the others! Bottom line – Less work time – but less weight – you decide what you prefer!

After the battery cooled down we slid the battery into the Makita smart charger and timed 24 minutes from a drained out battery to a fully charged one. We were some-what surprised because Makita advertises that it takes 15 minute only. So we ran the test a few times and the average was 24 minutes! It is significantly shorter than other tools but it is not the 15 minutes that Makita promises! 

Power test Charge time Bolt Test Energy Conversion
Good – 6.13 Seconds/Bolt Fast – 24 min. 54 bolts 36 Bolts/Ah*




The impact driver was built with weight in mind and by doing so it seems that Makita avoided metal parts on the shell – like we’ve seen on other impact drivers. The driver has somewhat of a ‘”Plasticy” feeling when holding but not when handling the tool. It seems like the tool will not handle hard abuse.

Rubber padding are spread nicely around the whole tool but a big plastic mask just around the chuck was used instead of the metal housing we usually see on other impact drivers. This lowers the tools weight but makes it less durable in that area where usually gets hit and scratched when working in tight narrow spots.

Warranty and customer care

Makita provides a 3 year warranty on all of their handheld tools including the BTD142! We called Makita to complain about a burned out LED on a 2 year old tool (just to see how they handle the call) and found a helpful agent who offered to take the tools to a service center where it would be fixed for no charge.



Florescent ring at the tip of the tool to increase lighting and to help find tool if left in dark spaces.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Good Very Good Very Good


Value For Money

The tool is a good performer and at it’ s price range – is definitely worth the investment. The tool is versatile and can accept older version 18V batteries. The btd142 is part of Makita’s 18V cordless tool family and can be joined to any other 18V kit you have making it a great expansion to the tool array you have. Buying just the bare tool is a great option if you already have a 18V Makita kit.


“Final Verdict – The BTD142 Makita cordless impact driver Is Best For…”

In their effort to make an affordable, comfortable, light weight impact driver Makita sacrificed ( in our opinion) the strength and durability of the tool by using less metal and more plastic materials. The use of smaller lighter batteries helps bring the impact driver to a feather weight but sacrifices the work time of the tool – thankfully the smart charger brings the battery back to life very fast and when having an additional battery the short work time is no issue. This Makita cordless impact driver is best for the home owner and DIY guy , we think that a contractor/professional would enjoy using this tool but with the bigger / heavier battery.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
5star5.0 3.5star3.5 4star4.0 4.5star4.5

Final Score

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