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Makita 18v Cordless Drill LXFD01CW

Reviewed By: S. Kissil.

The Makita 18v Cordless Drill LXFD01CW is a feather weight cordless drill weighing in at only 3.3 lbs, with an ergonomically designed mid-tool handle placement. It is well balanced, incredibly compact and is great for a wide variety of tasks around the house. Its quick charging battery makes it a very efficient tool to have around!


  • Charge time
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Very Light Weight
  • Good LED


  • Work time
  • Power
  • Durability

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When we first looked at the LXFD01CW Makita 18v cordless drill it looked really small and we were reluctant to believe that it can stand up to the challenge like the rest of the 18v competitors tool. The tool is all plastic, very small (7+5/8 INCH long), very light weight (3.3 LBS) and gives all indications that it will have a hard time to keep up with the “big drills”. The white and black colors is the color theme Makita chose for their compact line – a line of cordless tools deigned for compact and small dimensions with a big emphasis on making the tool as light as possible.

was custom designed for our hand. Nice feeling, no slip rubber strips absorb the work forces and enable a strong and steady grip. Switch positioning is good – placing the direction control where it can be reached with the thumb or pointer finger with out changing the grip. Trigger has good resistance and variable speeds are easy to select. The slightest pull of the trigger starts the Strong LED – a strong white light covering a wide angle thanks to the wide angled translucent plastic lens located right above the trigger. An after glow effect kept the light on for 10 seconds after releasing the trigger.


The plastic torque clutch ring selector with 16 positions moves smoothly and the drills clutch works just as it was designed to – at the smallest torque selection(1) the clutch kicked in and didn’t keep spinning the screw at the slightest resistance between the screw and wood. Once we changed the torque selector to mid range – the clutch connected again the motor to the chuck and the drill kept driving the small screw into the wood plank. We found the operation to be very precise and accurate and we can definitely recommend using this drill for fine wood working and carpentry.

When choosing speed #1 on the speed selector (on the top of the drill ) the trigger becomes more
accurate for selecting slower speeds 0-400 for fine wood working. At speed selection #2 the drill works at
0-1500 RPM for more powerful tasks. Although this drill is from the 18v family (being the biggest cordless family)
it handles great in fine work and is great for small jobs too.

The 1/2inch metal keyless chuck is covered with a plastic sleeve. Locking and unlocking the chuck is easy
thanks to the ratcheting feature. Once the chuck is tightened the bit is held firmly in place.
During our power test the 1.5 inch spade drill bit slipped once and we needed to further tighten it –
we think that it was our fault for not tightening the chuck hard enough initially.

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Responsive & Accurate


Power And Torque

The official power rating by Makita is 480 INCH/LBS but like any other tool we review we run it through our
own power tests (read more about how we test our tools).
We timed how long it takes the LXFD01 Makita 18v cordless drill to drill 15 holes in a plank of 2 x 8 using a new 1.5″ spade drill
(this test is a very difficult test that takes the drill to its max limit! – most 18v drills declare the mak
operation limit at 1.5″ holes in wood) . Our LXFD01 makita 18v cordless drill completed 9 holes in 3 : 31 minutes before the battery died.
The drill was unable to complete the test!

Makita designed the compact line to get minimum weight and by doing so sacrificed work time to gain light
weight batteries. The LXFD01CW Makita 18v cordless drill completed 9 in 3 min. and 31 seconds that is 23.4 seconds to drill 1 hole
which is definitely not the fastest times we have tested up till now. The maximum noise levels that were
recorded during the test were 102.8 dB.

Although the “below average results” if we take into consideration the compact size and the light weight
of the tool we can clearly say that this tool performed exceptionally well.

We checked the LXFD01CW Makita 18v cordless drill for fine wood works and found that the clutch worked very nicely.
We set the clutch to the smallest torque level and drilled a small Philips screw into our 2 x 8 wood plank.
Once the screw felt the smallest resistance – the clutch kicked in and stopped drving the screw.
After changing the torque to mid range the drill kept on driving the screw all the way in.
We found the compact size and light weight to be a big advantage in this type of work.


All in all we found the tool to be very comfortable to use in a wide variety of jobs, from drilling large
diameter holes to placing small screws – the tool does it with ease and that is thanks to its weight and

Power Consumption And Battery Life

Another test we run our drills through is to see how many holes the drill can make on one charge.
In this case we finished our test when we ran the 15 hole test! The battery dried up completely during our
15 whole test and the results were 9 holes for 1 battery charge. These are below average results but that
is something we expected because of the small compact battery size – so we can actually say that the
battery performed as expected.

Power test Charge time Holes Test Energy Conversion
Below AVG – 23.4 Seconds/Hole Fast – 24 min. 9 Holes 6 Holes/Ah*




The LXFD01 Makita 18v cordless drill is made of the all plastic outer shell. The tool does not look like it can be abused on a construction site. Compared to other tools we have tested the LXFD01CW looks less durable than others.
The brushed motor can be serviced only when opening the tool completely which makes it more difficult
to service and fix the motor. The plastic sleeve surrounding the Chuck seems to be like another
vulnerable point. To gain a wider weight Makita used all plastic material and by doing so somewhat
sacrificed the durability. We believe the tool is slightly below average.

Warranty and customer care

Makita provides a 3 year warranty on all of their handheld tools including the LXFD01!
We called Makita to complain about a burned out LED on a 2 year old tool
(just to see how they handle the call) and found a helpful agent who offered to take the tools to a service center where it would be fixed for no charge.


we read some consumer reviews claiming the Chuck was wobbling so we decided to check
ourselves and see if that’s true. Check out the video on the bottom right and see for yourself.
Our new drill that we tested showed a noticeable wobble. We do not think that it’s an issue and will
be significant in everyday use, however we did notice the wobble.
The LXFD01 is part of Makita has 18 V cordless power tool family and belonging to that family gives
you a wide variety of tools that can be used with just a few power sources.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Below Average Very Good Average


Value For Money

Although the LXFD01CW Makita 18v cordless drilll is not the most expensive tool it is also not the cheapest. For its midrange price the
tool performs well. For a versatile lightweight compact tool this is a great purchase and we truly
recommended it.


Final Verdict – “The LXFD01 Is Best For…”

The LXFD01 Makita 18v cordless drill is a compact lightweight cordless drill that performs well in a variety of jobs.
The tool stand stood out for its exceptionally comfortable ergonomic grip, very compact size and
incredibly lightweight. It’s average battery and power performance is accepted when considering the
compact size and light weight. This cordless drill would best suit the homeowner and DIY guy.
If lightweight and compact size and versatility of the tool is what you’re looking for this is definitely
the tool for you.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
5star5 3star3 3.5star3.5 4.5star4.5

Final Score

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