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Black and Decker Cordless Drill – 12v max, LDX112c

Reviewed By: Sandy. Kissil. Rating: 4.5star 4.6

The LDX112c Black and Decker cordless drill is the smallest, lightest and most compact 12 volt drill we’ve tested and reviewed so far.
The small dimensions, light weight, good overall performance and affordable price make this drill a “Must Have” tool in every house.


  • Very small
  • Light weight
  • Affordable


  • Charge time

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The Black and Decker cordless drill 12V max compact drill is a very small and light tool. At 7 inch long and 2.3 LBS it is a small compact and easy tool to hold and handle. The small dimensions make this great tool for jobs in tight spots, it’s very light weight makes a good choice for doing fine carpentry work or any small accurate job. Black and Decker designed the drill in an unusual way where the battery slides in horizontally at the bottom of the handle enabling it to be thin and easy to hold. The battery shape also serves as a stand and the tool can be positioned on its battery standing up.

The handle is ergonomically shaped and covered with rubber to help enhance grip especially when hands are wet or sweaty. The overall feel of the handle is that the rubber is not soft enough and that the handle is just the right size for a person with a medium to large size hand – we’re not sure if it would be as comfortable for smaller hands.

The positioning of the direction control button is OK but requires you to change your grip position in order to select the direction. The trigger is smooth and selecting variable speeds was easy when we tested it in our screw driving test. The plastic ring torque selector moves easily and when rotating it all the way it selects the full torque of 100 INCHxLBS. In general all buttons, rings and selectors functioned well.

The 1/2 inch metal chuck is covered by a hard plastic sleeve and tightens it with a keyless motion. The Gear doesn’t lock the chuck and tightening the chuck required use of 2 hands(unlike most 18v drills – where the chuck can be tightened with just 1 hand).

Handling Ergonomics Weight Dimensions Trigger
Very Good Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good


Power And Torque

According to Black and Deckers specifications the drill delivers 100 INCHxLBS and spins at a max RPM of 600. In the power test we timed how long it took to drill 9 holes in a plank of 2×8 using a new 3/4 inch spade drill and found that the drill finished the task in 2:14 minutes – that is an average of 14.8 seconds per hole.
When we stated the power test, we didn’t know what to expect from the drill and we were extremely surprised to see how well the drill performed and tackled the job – effortlessly!

During our drilling we monitored noise levels of 87.6 Decibels – this is very quiet compared to other drills.

( read here how we conduct the same test to all of our tools to eliminate any variables and come up with accurate and objective results).

Power Consumption And Battery Life

Our power consumption tests check how many holes the drill can make on 1 battery charge. After finishing the power test we continue drilling holes in the plank of wood until the battery “dies” – the LDX-112 drilled a total of 24.5 holes using one 1.1 Ah (13.2 Wh) battery: that is an average of 22.3 * holes for every 1 Ah.

Then we slid the small 12 volt battery into the 12v max lithium charger (LCS12) and timed how long it takes to charge it from 0 to 100%. The charger is a small simple plastic block with 1 LED flashing green when charging and steady green when done. We checked the charger 5 times while it was charging and were surprised to find out it still hasn’t finished charging. All in all it took the charger 3 hours and 21 minutes to charge! That is the longest charge time we have ever seen.


The long charge time got us thinking about how this can affect every-day use of the drill: when starting to use the drill for a project you never know how much “juice” the battery has(since the battery or drill doesn’t have a gauge) and you don’t want the battery to die on you before completing the job – so here are your options:

  • Always keep your battery in the charger when not using the drill(according to the manual the charger charges and stops charging when needed – and keeps the battery always full).
  • Buy an additional battery and make sure it’s full before every time you start a project.

Power test Charge time Holes Test Energy Conversion
Very Good – 14.8 Seconds/Hole Very slow – 3 Hours 21 min. 24.5 Holes 22.3 Holes/Ah*



The Black and Decker cordless drill is made of an orange colored plastic material – which is very light and hard. The tool is covered with rubber in a few places that provide better grip and protection against every day wear and tear from use. From our observation it looks like the tool is built very durable yet very light. The drill is from the home of Black and Decker and enjoys a brand name known for it’s history of durability and long term use.

Warranty and customer care

Black and Decker provide a 2 year warranty on the tool and battery. The tool is new to the market and customer reviews all around the WWW are praising and loving it.


While testing the Black and Decker cordless drill we noticed a wobble on the chuck! After closely checking it out we realized the wobble was only on the outer part of the chuck and didn’t affect the tip of the drill bit(check the video).

The tool has a small LED close to the trigger and generates a bright flood of light.

A drill bit holder located on the back of the handle provides a place to store a small screwdriver bit when not in use.

Durability Warranty Cunsumer ratings
Very Good Good Above Average


Value For Money

The performance, durability and consumer reviews of the Black and Decker cordless drill 12v max are all very good. All of the above compliments are further enhanced after taking the cost into consideration! At less than $50 you are getting a great affordable tool to tackle any job around the house. Thanks to the Black and Decker’s affordable price and good all-around performance we give it the highest score in this category of value for money and highly recommend this tool to any home owner!


Final Verdict – “The Black and Decker cordless drill 12v Max cordless drill is best for…”

The small dimensions, extreme light weight, good overall performance and affordable price bring this tool to the top of the list of best value for money. This tool would be great for all home owners / renters in need for a very small and light tool for any job around the house.

Handling power Durability Value/Money
4.5star4.5 4.5star4.5 4.5star4.5 5star5.0

Final Score

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